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I am currently located in Darwin.

I am available for online therapy via WhatsApp or phone.

Email (please convert sign in brackets to show you are not a robot): mindrenewalpsychotherapy[at]

Phone: 0439 439 297

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  1. Rob McLachlan says:

    Is it possible to get memory recall?

    My wife put some jewlery “in a safe place” but now can’t recall where.

    If you think you can help her what would your fee be ?

    • mindrenewal says:

      Concerning hypnosis for memory recall, it is unethical for registered hypnotherapists to offer such a service as the results are entirely unpredictable. Research shows that memory recall under hypnosis is unreliable, with the potential for false memory syndrome. However, if she wants to call me, I’m happy to have a chat with her for free, to offer some suggestions on how she might quiet her mind (and her anxiety about the lack of memory) for her to better able to remember but I would not work with her on that issue as it would violate the code of ethics I work under. If, however, she wants a session to work on her anxiety about the lack of memory, or to work on improving memory in general, then the fees are $200 for a two hour session. (I only do two hour sessions as I integrate hypnosis into experiential counselling and the work is very deep but requires two hours.) Hope this answers your question.

  2. mindrenewal says:

    Hi Teresa,

    Yes, I understand your frustration. I’ve worked with a number of Christians, including a couple of pastors, who tell me there is nothing wrong with the process I used. In fact, neuroscience now is discovering that trauma is stored non-verbally, so the usual “talk” therapy does not really address some of the deep wounds people may have experienced, particularly in childhood. Hypnosis offers an experiential way of reprocessing and healing those traumatic experiences. By trauma, I don’t mean that someone must have been beaten black and blue; but a subjective experience of trauma, is, well, trauma to the person. Someone can be traumatised by being stared at, if the person is feared. And so on. Anyhow, I will email you the couple of Christian hypnotherapists I know of in Sydney. Take care and God bless. Sophie

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