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Mind Renewal Psychotherapy Services is a Rockhampton- and web-based psychotherapy service that offers a unique approach to therapy, incorporating the latest neuro-scientific principles (memory re-consolidation) and using hypnotic mind-body regression to fast track therapy, working on what is relevant to the presenting problem(s), without lengthy history-taking or talking about events that may have no relevance to current distress or dysfunction. This is a model of therapy I have developed over the past decade and is called  Inner Healing Therapy. It is an experiential/affective therapy, integrating hypnosis into various  therapeutic modalities well supported by psychological research. This means less talking and more internal processing for more time-effective outcomes (hence also more cost-effective). It also means disclosure of details of past traumas and experiences are unnecessary as the process can be conducted content-free, thereby respecting client privacy and reducing therapist vicarious trauma. Generally, fewer sessions are needed for change that is subjectively evaluated by the client. (I also teach this model to qualified therapists).

I have been a psychotherapist for nearly two decades, with close to  10,000 client contact hours behind me. I am registered with both the Australian Counselling Association and the Australian Hypnotherapists Association at the highest levels. I am also a clinical supervisor. See Credentials.

Inner Healing Therapy incorporates hypnosis and counselling in ways that engage the inner mind rather than just talking at head level. Latest brain sciences confirm that this inwardly focused attention (“mindsight”) allows the brain to rewire and alter unwanted feelings, thoughts, bodily responses and behaviours. Many issues can be helped, including:

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  1. Julie Kiem says:

    Hi Sophie, just … wanted to let you know about the huge change in Tyler since his session last week. He is back to being an active, carefree little boy again, like he’s had a big weight lifted off him. He tells me he is finding it much easier to be happy since his session with you. Thank you so much,

    • mindrenewal says:

      Hi Julie, Thank you for your feedback. So pleased Tyler is doing well and won’t be needing a second session. :-) Sophie

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