Weight Loss Starts With Your Inner Being.

A lot of money is being spent on weight loss programs, weight loss diets, some ligitimate, others are just fast weight loss gimmicks. One can google all types of weight loss tips. One can engage in weight loss therapies that helps with strategies to lose weight. One can even have hypnosis for “virtual gastric band”, or indeed, the real deal, and go under the knife. Some people opt for acupuncture for weight loss.  There is nothing wrong with any of these methods but what is missing is the very thing that over-weight people need to deal with: the self.

Most over-eating, under-exercising problems can be traced back to some emotional events in the past. The emotions of these events might no longer be in people’s consciousness, but they often remain in the unconscious. There are  therapies that work on the conscious level, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. There are therapies that work on the unconscious level, such as hypnosis and NLP. There are also therapies that aim at resolving these past emotional issues, such as psycho-dynamic therapy.

Inner Change Therapy (ICT) adopts a holistic approach, working with both conscious and unconscious material. The significant difference between ICT and other therapies is that there is less talking (recounting) and more deep-level reprocessing, hence it is a brief (usually 1-3 sessions) but deep, dynamic and powerful. Once your inner self is at peace, you will get slim and stay slim far more easily. Weight loss really starts with your inner being. I have used this style of therapy for 14 years, refining it along the way.

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