Quit smoking with hypnosis and experiential counselling.

If you want to quit smoking without withdrawal, the first thing you need to work with is your mind! While people believe nicotine is addictive, my experience is that when people’s minds are “changed”, they can’t stand the idea of cigarettes and certainly don’t miss them or have any withdrawal symptoms. How can that be? Very simply, your mind can overpower your physiology.

Hypnosis is known to help people quit smoking easily. However, until the underlying causes of needing to smoke (boredom, stress, habit, etc) are addressed, people will either take up the habit again when new stressors occur in their lives, or they may go on to other forms of addictions (food, alcohol, etc).

A more holistic approach is Inner Change Therapy which is based on experiential psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis (mostly open-eye hypnosis) and works deeply into these emotions without lengthy recounting of experiences that takes up costly therapy time, through implicit knowledge that presents relevant past experiences that are reprocessed experientially, involving all five senses, but only those experiences that are relevant to current desired change. It is a style of therapy that is brief (usually 1-3 sessions) but deep, dynamic and powerful. I have used this style of therapy for 14 years, refining it along the way.

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