Depression is curable.

Overcoming depression may seem illusive to sufferers. Depression treatments include pharmacology, counselling and in severe depression, sometimes even electro-convulsive shock therapy. Beating depression is not always easy, but for some people, the courage to heal from past pain can liberate them from this debilitating condition.

Inner Change Therapy works quite differently from most psychotherapeutic disciplines. I do not dig or delve into your past, but rather allow you to work quietly (and deeply) through implicit knowledge to bring up relevant material for re-processing. I integrate clinical hypnosis with experiential psychotherapy, but with a strong focus on implicit knowledge. Much of the work is done in a deeply reflective, silent mode. There is less talking (I do not need to know the details of your past – you know them already), but more re-processing of emotions from past events that present themselves spontaneously for resolution, which are usually extremely relevant. The process involves bridging the unconscious and the conscious. It is a therapy that is brief (usually 1-3 sessions) but deep, dynamic and powerful. I have used this style of therapy for 14 years, refining it along the way.

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