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Anger management for children.

Anger management for children differs from anger management for adults. There is an even greater need to use experiential learning approaches for children. This might be role play, art therapy, sandplay therapy and so on. Furthermore, parental support is vital. … Continue reading

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Weight Loss Starts With Your Inner Being.

A lot of money is being spent on weight loss programs, weight loss diets, some ligitimate, others are just fast weight loss gimmicks. One can google all types of weight loss tips. One can engage in weight loss therapies that … Continue reading

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Quit smoking with hypnosis and experiential counselling.

If you want to quit smoking without withdrawal, the first thing you need to work with is your mind! While people believe nicotine is addictive, my experience is that when people’s minds are “changed”, they can’t stand the idea of … Continue reading

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Depression is curable.

Overcoming depression may seem illusive to sufferers. Depression treatments include pharmacology, counselling and in severe depression, sometimes even electro-convulsive shock therapy. Beating depression is not always easy, but for some people, the courage to heal from past pain can liberate … Continue reading

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Anger Management

If you are seeking an answer to the question “how to control anger”, you are probably asking the wrong question. The term anger management, as a goal to be achieved, is an unsatisfactory term because ┬áit is a goal that … Continue reading

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