Childhood sexual abuse causes health problems in later life.

A study finds that girls who suffered severe childhood sexual abuse and physical abuse had a 62% and 45% respectively of cardiovascular diseases as adults[1]. Therapy for these adults often focus on their current presenting problems, such as low self-esteem and cognitive behavioural therapy is often used. However, it seems that therapy focus for adults who were abused as children needs to be on healing rather than just on coping skills, rational thoughts, and so on. Although we do not yet know if emotional healing contributes to physical healing, evidence in neuroscience suggests that traumatic events such as sexual abuse in childhood can  cause physical changes in brain chemicals and actually enhance the (traumatic) memory formations[2].

Inner Change Therapy uses the healing paradigm but works relatively content-free so that traumatic details do not need to be shared. Instead the trauma narrative is re-processed on a hypnotic level (open-eye hypnosis), thus reducing further trauma in the here and now, while promoting emotional healing.




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