Fast weight loss? Start working with your unconscious mind!

Losing weight is perhaps one of the toughest battles people fight. Everyone wants fast weight loss, but finding a healthy weight loss method that is quick and easy is a myth, as most people who have tried to lose weight will tell you. Many overweight people are experts in nutrition and can give you many weight loss tips. Yet their knowledge has not helped them MAINTAIN their ideal weight. It is a pity that billions of dollars are being spent on weight loss diets, weight loss plans and programs with limited and transcient results because it is the emotional eating and the lack of motivation to exercise that cause overweight. These are emotional problems that are often below the person’s consciousness. Even as they KNOW they shouldn’t eat that ice cream, spoonfuls are being stuffed into the mouth. Or, a packet of sweets has been consumed while working on the computer, almost with automatic action. The underlying problems that need to be addressed lie deep within the human psyche.

It has long been known that the psychology of overeating is an important battleground to win the war on weight. Yet, there are significant differences among the different psychological processes designed to help people stay slim. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, as good as it is supposed to be,  deals primarily with the conscious, cognitive mind, rather than the unconscious, emotion-laden, mind.

Inner Change Therapy addresses both the conscious and the unconscious, working through the  mind (thoughts), body (felt senses), soul (emotions), and spirit (inner self), so that negative emotions are healed, unhealthy associations (often from childhood) are broken, and a positive future envisioned. The result is that “fast” weight loss (faster than yo-yo diets anyway) that is sustainable long term can happen naturally and relatively easily, with focus on the joy of healthy living.

However, you have to be prepared for three very intense double sessions of therapy, perhaps having to deal with difficult emotions as well, but you will find it worthwhile.


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  1. mindrenewal says:

    Hi Denis, I have been a experiential motivational speaker at a local weight loss club for the past two years. I can certainly tailor a program for your members. I specialise in experiential workshops and individual therapy. People who want to lose weight already KNOW enough, with all kinds of information on diets, exercise, etc, but lack the ability to do what they already know. In my experiential workshops, I actually get members to EXPERIENCE a different way of engaging the unconscious mind. Please phone me on 0439 439 297 for a discussion. Thank you. Sophie Firmin

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