Depression? Hypnosis plus positive psychotherapy can help.

I have worked with people suffering from depression here in Brisbane for 10 years and in that time, I have noticed that Positive Psychology works best. People who are depressed (often for good reasons) can get stuck into that state for a long time. Even therapy with a very empathic counsellor often works only for a little while before the same old depressive thoughts and moods creep back in. In Positive Psychology, the aim is not to “treat” depression, but to shift the focus on what makes meaning for the person and what strengths and resources are already there within the person. In other words, by shifting the focus from the problem to the greater meanings of life, the person begins to get happy again. The founder of Positive Psychology, Martin Seligman calls this “authentic happiness”.

The way I view depression is that it is not something you have, but it is something that’s trying to get you. If you begin to view it from this perspective (which I help you with experiential counselling and Narrative Therapy), you begin to pitch yourself against this “thing” that’s trying to get you. This is a process called “externalisation”. As well as externalising depression, hypnosis is used in the latter part of a two-hour session to help you experience the change you seek, as if you are already happy, carefree, peaceful, laughing, and so on. It is a wonderful way to change your unconscious thoughts and feelings.

I practice a lot of different “therapies”: hypnotherapy, narrative therapy, solution-focused therapy, emotionally focused therapy, experiential therapy, and so on, but they are just names for different approaches of helping your unconscious mind to integrate with your conscious mind. Often healing occurs spontaneously and people experience results in just two to three 2-hour sessions, which is within the definition of Brief Therapy. Brief Therapy has been shown in research to be as effective as more intensive treatments, such as for alcohol misuse, but is a whole lot more cost-effective.

If you identify with what I am saying, I hope you will book an appointment and begin to get into Authentic Happiness.



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2 Responses to Depression? Hypnosis plus positive psychotherapy can help.

  1. Christine Kirk says:

    I have major depression and anxiety for the second time round. Last time was in 2003 and lasted 18 months until I felt more sensitive but felt good. I was still able to study, work and live my life. This time round I got it in 2009 from stresses at work and within 12 months I had to leave my job due to not being able to handle the stress. I barely leave the house and I am much worse then the first time although this time I’m not suicidal. I see a psychologist monthly and a psychiatrist weekly. My meds just keep going up along with my weight. I’m always sick and I’ve had enough. No one can tell me when I’ll start to feel better or why after 2 1/2 years I’m worse off. I need another way. I have been contemplating going and getting hypnotherapy done as I have had it done before and know I can be hypnotized. I live in Brisbane and I don’t know if it’s just me or if it is that I’m under the wrong care. Please help


    • mindrenewal says:

      Hi Christine,

      It’s not so much under the “wrong” care as what suits each individual person. Research shows that all therapies work about 75% of the time on average, and it’s not necessarily the therapy but the therapeutic relationship as well, so it’s extremely difficult to pinpoint what causes success and failure in therapy. It’s more a matter of trial and error to find the right therapy and therapist for your specific needs. Some therapies work more on the cognitive level, others more on emotions, still others on the unconscious and so on. I embrace a holistic approach of mind (cognition), body (felt senses), soul (emotions, feelings) and spirit (inner wisdom and knowing), so perhaps it’s worth giving it a go? Please email or text me on 0439439297 for more details.


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