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Mind Body Therapies Becoming More Popular

A study shows that the use of mind body therapies is on the rise, most of which have been referred by medical professionals. Mind Renewal uses mind-body therapy for physical ailments such as chronic pain, but only as a supplementary … Continue reading

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Subconscious Conditioning of the Mind

A new study shows that when people are exposed to fake vivid print ads of fictitious products, it produces false memories that lead them to believe they have actually used these non-existent products. What’s more, the subsequent attitudes towards these … Continue reading

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Depression May Have Positive Benefits

A new study has found that depression may promote analytical reasoning and persistence. A forthcoming article in the  Journal of Abnormal Psychology provides evidence that depression has positive side effects. In a simulated computer game with a known optimal strategy,  depressed participants … Continue reading

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Anxiety Drug May Affect Ethical Decision Making

A new study from the Karolinska Institute and Stockholm School of Economics shows that the brain has built-in mechanisms that trigger an automatic reaction to someone who refuses to share. In the study in which a fairness monetary game was … Continue reading

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