Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain that is not responding to medical treatment may be helped with hypnosis. Other physical symptoms not diagnosed or treatable with conventional medicine may also be helped with this form of therapy. Copious amount of research has confirmed the existence of the mind-body connection.

I have had the privilege to have worked with a number of clients with physical problems such as chronic headaches, neck, back, shoulder pain, excessive burping, ringing in the ear, itchiness, and so on, sometimes with phenomenal results.

If you have any chronic physical problems that have not been helped with medication or that are ‘untreatable’, it is time to give this therapy a go. The possibility of a psychosomatic (mind-body) problem is very real.

This therapy attempts to discover the unconscious association(s) with the symptoms and having discovered the connection(s), attempts to break down or re-associate the undesirable associations that cause the symptoms, so that you will enjoy good health and comfort again. Budget for three two-hour sessions.

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