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Get slim, not lose weight!

Do you talk to yourself? I bet you do. We all ‘talk’ to ourselves, whether out loud, or most often, in our heads. One of the modern ‘discoveries’ in talk therapies, is that the language a therapist uses, has an … Continue reading

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Anger management? Just get rid of unhealthy anger!

Most of us think of anger as being a problem. But anger is a natural emotion which everyone experiences. Anger per se is not the problem, but your reaction to the feeling of anger, if inappropriate to the context or … Continue reading

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Weight Loss

It’s a familiar problem: you have two voices inside your head; the good voice, the rational self; that says “you don’t need that biscuit” and the bad voice, the emotional self that says “yeah, but I really want it”. These … Continue reading

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Quit Smoking

Most smokers believe nicotine is addictive. It is not. If it were, hypnotherapists the world over would be busy helping people get off nicotine patches, but personally, I have never been approached by anyone with addiction to nicotine patches, which … Continue reading

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Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders such as insomnia do not enjoy high success rates with psychotherapy because of the unconscious nature of the problem. The more people worry about their problem, the more they will have it. Working through your emotions about the … Continue reading

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Sexual Dysfunction

Unlike conventional sexual therapy, the processes I use can be done content-free. That is to say, you do not have to disclose the details of the problem, except the emotions experienced while having the problem. In this way, embarrassment can … Continue reading

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Self Harm

Self harm was virtually unheard of a couple of decades ago. From a hypnosis point of view, the more people focus on a problem (such as going on line and reading about it), the more the unconscious mind becomes saturated … Continue reading

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Self-esteem is not something one can pull out of a hat. It is achieved through releasing negative words spoken into the unconscious mind of the person, most often in childhood. Such words of discouragement often have a profound and long … Continue reading

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Relationship Issues

Many relationship problems can so easily be restored if each party would look inward for self-change rather than outward for the illusion of control of others. This self change is only possible if the person begins to accept responsibility for … Continue reading

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Hypnosis has been known to be particularly effective with phobic clients. Quite often, one two-hour session is all you will need if you have very specific phobias. If your phobia is non-specific, it may take a little more time to … Continue reading

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